Awakening Resurrection Life (part 2)
April 1, 2018
Spring Men’s Advance
April 2, 2018

April's Undeniable Miracle

We're so excited for April's Undeniable Miracle... Grace Gonzalez! She not only has one but TWO Undeniable Miracles to share with us. These are just highlights, but we pray that they encourage you that our Father is the God of the impossible!

Divine Protection - 2011

-"You'll never walk again."

-Leg mangled; 4 failed surgeries

-Wheelchair for almost 2 years

-Infection; amputation scheduled

-Healed & walked at TBI's Commencement

Divine Protection - 2017

-Car flipped down large hill

-Saw a supernatural shield around body

-"You're not finished yet. Keep preaching!"

-State Trooper escort from hospital thru TSA