Ministry Means People

Around here, ministry takes on a variety of expressions. It may look like a group of friends hanging out, or an event hosted for high school students, or a few hundred of us worshiping through the night, or team of servant-leaders working on a projects together. The things we do with each other and for other people will change as we grow, but the motivation that keeps us going is seeing how the people we know are changing for the better, too. And it’s all because of Jesus!

BWOC KIDS – Infants And Kids
BWOC KIDS is a collection of safe, creative environments that invite children into a world of faith and love!
● INFANTS – Babies
● TOT SPOT – Toddlers
● FAITH WALKERS – Pre/Kinder
● YOUNG CHAMPIONS – Elementary 1-4

KIDS WORLD is ready to explore and enjoy on Sundays and First Wednesdays.

THE EMBASSY – Students And Young Adults
The Embassy is where students and young adults are empowered to SEE THE WORLD + BE THE CHURCH! We are adventurous and generous. We journey with students right where they are, and help them go where only Jesus can take them. Our heart is to see students go start Jesus movements on their campuses together, and then graduate with a clear sense of calling and direction to change the world.
● Embassy Take-Off – Grades 5-6
● Embassy Students – Grades 7-12
● Embassy U – Young Adults

Each age group has their own times, but we all do weekly groups and monthly gatherings. Each year, we host a few strategic events as well.

SPARKLE Ladies – Women (All Ages)
SPARKLE Ladies get together to party and encourage one other. There are scheduled trips and Bible Studies.

FORGE MEN – Men (All Ages)
FORGE MEN is a mentoring network that strengthens men.
We believe “”iron sharpens iron”” – when we get together, we let the sparks fly!
So far, we work through practical books together, and we host scheduled meals to “meat-up.”

EQUIP TEAM – Ministry Team
“We are launching a new initiative to gather and cultivate an “”Equipping Culture”” by training ministry leaders church-wide. These are the greatest servant-leaders among us who make disciples in groups and multiply teams with tracks. The Equip Team is dedicated to equip others to minister. We host an Equip Class after Sunday services to start conversations and make culture, and we have scheduled Equip Intensives (Ephesians 4 style) coming in the near future.”