Woods Campus
“The campus itself is big and beautiful. The whole thing has been a miracle story, from the land to the on-going construction. When you first pull in, you’ll see a happy “”World Church”” in the making; aren’t we all a work in progress? We have three parking lots. If you don’t know where to go, just aim for the North Parking (left side). We have a NextGen entrance for families and a general entrance for those joining the service. (Restrooms and coffee are both found in the middle.)

Celebration Vibes
Sunday Services are more like celebrations than formal events, so come expecting happy people. The dress is really a range of every kind, but most folks come in looking festive in the business casual neighborhood. (Not a funeral, more like a summer wedding!) There’s plenty to do. We have classes, coffee, and your fair share of “”fellowship.”” The music all around is lively, and our Serve Team is organized (most days!). The service itself is right at 90 minutes. Like many other great places, we value worship, God’s Word, and making space for the Holy Spirit to minister to the people in the room. We value authenticity and generosity, so you’ll see that show up in our communication style and giving time.


Let Us Know You’re Coming
We hope we’re always on our game when you come, but this way we can be as intentional as possible. Don’t expect a red carpet, but an open house! We want to help you get to the right parking area, walk you around, and get you connected with the church and a few new friends. (Plus, it’s just nice to know where coffee and the restrooms are without slipping it into chit chat.)

Look What’s Happening Next
We host a variety of “Community Gatherings” throughout the year, which are a combination of our services and events. Some are church-wide. Some are focused on a specific ministry. Some are repeating. Some are “Big 5!” Some are local. Some are live streamed. The key is to keep up with the calendar, which helps us all hang on and enjoy the ride!

Sunday Celebration
Welcome to Woods! We look forward to Sunday mornings, because that’s the time when we reconnect with each other, worship and pray together, grow in God’s Word, and welcome fresh moves of the Holy Spirit.

Basic Timeline:

  • 9:30am Believers Class
  • 10:00am Doors Open
  • 10:30am Service Begins
  • 12:15pm Believers On-Board
  • 12:15pm Equip Class

There are great “NextGen” environments for all ages, from infants through youth. (FYI: Youth start in the sanctuary.) Our Serve Team thrive on helping out, so please speak! There are 3 optional classes available that we encourage everyone to experience at some point as well.

First Wednesday
First Wednesdays are considered family nights for us. As a church, we want to everyone to experience belonging in family through meaningful small groups, and this is that time when all our groups gather for a “family reunion!”

It’s more informal, but just as powerful. We pray and worship together, study God’s Word, and hang out! Kids World (Infant – Elementary 1-4) is open to explore and enjoy, and all Embassy students join in with the First Wednesday fun.

This is also the time we set aside to water baptize whoever wants to join God’s family by believing and obeying Jesus. (It’s kind of a party for us!)

Basic Timeline:

  • 6:30pm Doors Open, Worship Starts
  • 7:00pm First Wednesday begins
  • 8:00pm Flow/Fellowship